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You slay compliance dragons every day. We've got your back.

Taming your company's daily compliance takes serious effort. But extras are always required. Like documenting new businesses, filing amendments, conducting trademark searches, and maintaining licenses and permits. Even the most heroic compliance managers can use additional smart support.

Enter CTProComply. The corporate services capabilities built into our online compliance solution make everything you do easier. Everything. From day-to-day compliance management to special compliance events. Consider your back covered.

What The Compliance Center Can Do For You...

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Your Corporate Services

  • Business Formation

    Business Formation

    Creating a new business is intense. Filing shouldn't be

    Daily compliance management needn't suffer when you launch a new business. CTProComply fully prepares the formation and incorporation filing for you, submits it to the state, then tracks the acceptance process. Online status checking is easy. Once state approval is granted, CTProComply stores those documents online, providing you with ongoing storage and quick access at any time.

    If your new company plans to 'do business as' a name other than the one used on your articles of formation, CTProComply assists with the DBA filing too, in full conjunction with your formation and incorporation activities.

    Your Business Formation Capabilities

    • Prepare formation and incorporation
    • Submit – online
    • Track the acceptance process
    • Store and access documents online
    • Prepare DBA
  • Qualification/Registration


    You focus on growth and revenue. We streamline the paperwork

    CTProComply helps you move your operations into other states, dealing with new and often confusing regulations and foreign entity rules as you enter lucrative new markets. From checking name availability and state filing fees, to preparing and filing certificates of authority and obtaining certificates of good standing, CTProComply's Foreign Qualification Service offers everything you need to expand, in one efficient package.

    Your Qualification/Registration Capabilities

    • Manage new regulations and foreign entity rules
    • Check name availability
    • File state fees
    • Prepare and file certificates of authority
    • Obtain certificates of good standing
  • Business Licenses

    Business Licenses

    There are over 19,000 licensing jurisdictions in the US. No sweat

    CTProComply ensures that you acquire the licenses, permits, and tax registrations necessary to keep your company fully compliant with all state and local requirements. Our Business License Application Package includes a complete overview for your business. And provides a comprehensive approach for managing and submitting applications. No more costly penalties or overwhelming research and steps. Just efficiency, simplicity, and peace of mind.

    Your Business Licenses Capabilities

    • Comply with all state and local requirements
    • Gain a comprehensive overview of your business
    • Manage and submit applications with ease and accuracy
    • Avoid avoidable, costly penalties
  • Annual Reports & Tax

    Annual Reports & Tax

    Fear of filing vs. fearless filing. You choose

    CTProComply makes sure you don't miss a single filing, risk penalties, or jeopardize your company's good standing - no matter how many changes states enact. Our compliance calendar tracks everything for you online, providing dates and detailed requirements for each state in which you do business. And with easy, online access to the latest reporting and tax bulletins, filing fear and frustration are things of the past. CTProComply sends you customizable annual report notifications, too And files annual reports electronically in nearly half of all US states.

    Your Annual Report & Tax Filing Capabilities

    • Manage filing rules and due dates in all states
    • Stay in good standing
    • Access the latest reporting and tax bulletins
    • Receive annual report notifications
    • File annual reports electronically
  • Amendment


    Companies are dynamic. Mastering amendment – is critical

    Changes and adjustments are inevitable for any company. Properly recording these changes with the state is essential. Mis– can have serious consequences down the road.

    But the process of amending articles of incorporation and organization vary by state and entity type, creating confusion and ample opportunity for errors. CTProComply simplifies everything for you: from amendment –, to preparing and filing name changes, purpose changes, and share/value changes. All while meeting legal criteria, turning the process of filing amendments into a smooth and error-free operation.

    Your Amendment Filing Capabilities

    • Simplify amendment –: name changes, purpose changes, share/value changes
    • Master state-by-state requirements
    • Eliminate confusion and filing errors
    • Stay in good standing
  • Dissolutions & Reinstatement

    Dissolutions & Reinstatement

    Ending or restoring a business is complex. We can help

    Ending a business involves paperwork that can make an already difficult process harder. Add in myriad legal requirements, and your task becomes even more laborious. CTProComply lightens the load, helping you file articles of dissolution with the state of formation - or, if applicable, withdrawal from the state(s) of foreign qualification - to terminate a corporation, LLC, or nonprofit.

    Reinstating a business can be equally arduous. Failing to comply with state rules and regulations places companies in bad standing, and risks administrative dissolution or revocation by the state, nullifying the benefits of your corporate or LLC status. CTProComply provides a series of steps designed to outline and facilitate your company's return to good standing - properly completing and submitting all required forms, and notifying you the moment you can get back to doing business.

    Your Dissolution & Reinstatement Capabilities

    • Eliminate the pain of dissolution and reinstatement
    • Terminate or reinstate a corporation, LLC, or nonprofit
    • End confusion and filing errors
    • Facilitate a company's return to good standing
  • Good Standings & Certified Copies of Documents

    Good Standings & Certified Copies of Documents

    Document procurement, simplified

    The next time you need documentation affirming your company's good standing with a state, proof of your legal authorization to do business, or evidence of a filing, CTProComply can expedite the process - transforming a hassle-prone procedure into an efficient exchange. Even procuring apostillized documents, legalized for use in other countries where you wish to do business, is simplified.

    Document Procurement Capabilities

    • Procure proof of compliance
    • Obtain certificates of good standing
    • Attain certified copies from state agencies
    • Secure apostilized documents
  • Corporate Kits, Seals & Certificates

    Corporate Kits, Notary Seals & Stock Certificates

    Keep all your information organized and accessible

    As a corporation, LLC, LP, or LLP you're required to maintain a corporate kit containing key stock, membership, partnership, and company information. CTProComply customers can easily purchase all-in-one kits when forming new companies, and easily obtain individual kit items for existing companies, whenever you need them.

    Your Corporate Kit Capabilities

    • Purchase complete kits
    • Obtain individual kit items
  • Trademark Search

    Trademark Search Service

    Avoiding trademark infringement is critical. So is protecting your own terms and logos

    CTProComply's online screening tool uses logic so advanced, the results surpass those of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) - reducing your searches and the expertise needed to achieve maximum results. CTProComply customers can tryout our trademark search service online. Your initial search results are free. A follow-up trademark report is also available, and affordably priced.

    Your Trademark Search Capabilities

    • Search for trademarked terms and logos
    • Reduce search time and maximize results
    • Conduct an initial search for free
    • Order a trademark report
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