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Can compliance and peace of mind coexist? You bet.

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  1. Chapter One: Compliance is a tricky business
    Understand how to run a tight corporate business compliance process, using the right tools and a dedicated service team.
  2. Chapter Two: Risks are high
    See how missing deadlines or falling out of compliance can result in costly fines, work stoppages, litigation or PR nightmares.
  3. Chapter Three: Features of CTProComply
    Learn how you can get up-to date compliance information on regulations and developments, as well as forms and filings.
  4. Chapter Four: Compliance Center
    Check out the CTProComply "war room," which provides an overview of all your compliance activities.
  5. Chapter Five: Compliance Calendar
    Add or remove business entries, create recurring events, or schedule any compliance activity, while using built-in data to streamline and customize your compliance process.
  6. Chapter Six: Company Dashboard
    Quit relying on paper, file cabinets and spreadsheets; use the company dashboard to get a quick snapshot for each of your companies’ activities.
  7. Chapter Seven: Forms and Library
    Save time and reduce errors with pre-populated forms, which you can store in CTProComply's online library for easy reference.
  8. Chapter Eight: CTProComply - Smart and Intuitive
    Customize CTProComply with personalized web links to get you to the information you need, anywhere you happen to be.
  9. Chapter Nine: Peace of Mind
    A one-stop solution for corporate business compliance, CTProComply does more than keep your business in good standing, it gives you piece of mind.

CTProComply consolidates all your compliance tasks into a single command center, where your calendar generates daily tasks and sends customized email alerts to everyone responsible for getting them done. Requirements are updated automatically, so accurate due dates are always at hand. And jurisdictional information is linked to entity types, making it easy to get answers to questions related to your specific businesses.

  • Repurpose data with pre-populated forms you can re-use, saving effort and improving accuracy.
  • Store and organize evidence for all your filings, creating an easily accessible audit trail.
  • Document and store filings, so if staff members leave, vital compliance knowledge won't leave with them.
  • Talk with our compliance specialists about changing requirements specific to your industry and business entity types.

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